Missions of Faith

Faith Chapel General Baptist Church is in the process of raising funds to assist our Missions of Faith and Bridging the Gap Program with the Salvation Army.

Bridge the Gap Program with the Salvation Army is an outreach program to assist in filling in where the public donations fall short of reaching their goals.

Our goal is to also assist families that have fallen on hard times due to the head of house hold or spouse being out of work or major illness.  The Salvation Army refers them to us for assistance in providing clothes, toys, and where requested we assist in providing food.

We also assist in the above if we are notified by a school or some one in the church that knows of a family in need.  We verify the situation and then assist where we can.

If you have any additional questions please contact Lorie Snodgrass at 502-338-5351.

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Lori Snodgrass
Missions of Faith Coordinator